Ubisoft Club rewards program gives Uplay the boot

Publisher Ubisoft announced that it is overhauling its Uplay service as it prepares for the upcoming launch of Ubisoft Club, a multiplatform rewards program that gives players access to bonus in-game content and exclusive discounts.

The trailer above indicates that the service will be open to all players who own Ubisoft games on one or multiple platforms.

Players enrolled in Ubisoft Club will receive in-game experience boosts, collectible badges, and Ubisoft Units that can be redeemed for digital rewards to be announced at a later date.

Other exclusive perks for Ubisoft Club members include DLC, beta invitations, and “limited edition goodies.” The service will also regularly issue limited-time discounts for select games purchased at Ubisoft’s online digital storefront.

Ubisoft Club will apparently replace Ubisoft’s existing Uplay service. Many players report that previously downloaded Uplay apps on consoles now carry the Ubisoft Club branding, though other changes to the service are not yet apparent.

Uplay, introduced alongside Assassin’s Creed II in 2009, is a gaming platform and social network that connects Ubisoft-published games across consoles, PCs, and browsers. When logged in to Uplay, players earn Units for completing Xbox Achievement-like Actions within all supported games. Units can be redeemed for exclusive in-game content that is otherwise inaccessible.

Uplay has been widely criticized among the gaming community for its intrusive presence in a large number of Ubisoft games. Uplay requires registration for another service on top of existing Xbox Live and PlayStation Network memberships, and effectively blocks players from accessing content within purchased games if they aren’t logged in.

Uplay also required a constant online connection at launch, halting in-game progress if internet service was interrupted. While Uplay has since abandoned this requirement and affected games have been patched, many gamers still associate the Uplay name with restrictive digital rights management. This perception likely played a role in the company’s decision to rebrand and relaunch the service as Ubisoft Club.

Ubisoft Club will launch by the end of 2015.