Ubisoft hacked and account info accessed, publisher recommends a password change


One of Ubisoft’s websites was hacked and personal information about its users has been compromised, the publisher confirms today via press release. The hacker or hackers gained access to Ubisoft’s online systems, and managed to make off with user names, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. If you’ve got a Uplay account – and you probably do if you’ve played any Ubisoft games in recent years – then you’ll want to quickly head over and check the email account you registered with there. You should have an email containing instructions for resetting your password

The company’s mailing recommends that all users change their passwords “out of an abundance of caution.” It’s worth mentioning that no credit card details or other payment information was accessed, since Ubisoft/Uplay does not store that information. The breach is now closed, according to the email, so it should be safe to follow the link in the email now. Those looking for more info can find it right here.