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Ubisoft’s VR games to support cross-platform play on Vive, Rift, PlayStation VR

Do you have an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR? And are you worried about not being able to play with friends who own other platforms? If the VR game you picked is developed by Ubisoft, you won’t need to worry: the company’s VR titles will support cross-play between all three platforms.

The recently released competitive game Eagle Flight, as well as the upcoming games Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Werewolves Within will all feature support for multiplayer between PlayStation VR, Vive, and Rift. Red Storm senior creative director David Votypka said that this was necessary due to the emphasis Ubisoft has put on social VR.

“Our games feature strong multiplayer experiences, so letting friends play together regardless of which headset they own will enhance the social nature of our games and let them be played the way we envisioned,” Votypka said in a post on the UbiBlog.

This news is especially important for the upcoming Werewolves Within, which relies on genuine, human reactions to multiplayer events in order to create a VR-based “spot the liar” game. The game is available next Tuesday, December 6, while Star Trek: Bridge Crew will arrive on March 14. Eagle Flight is currently available on PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, with a Vive release to follow on December 20.

Cross-platform play between PlayStation VR and other headsets isn’t especially common, but it’s not unheard of. The feature was announced for the space dogfighting game Eve: Valkyrie this past April, letting players fly through the depths of space and vomit together regardless of which platform they choose.

Other standard PlayStation 4 games have also supported play with PC. Rocket League, originally released on PlayStation 4 as a free PlayStation Plus giveaway, is among the most notable, and the feature has undoubtedly helped the game continue to thrive following its 2015 release.

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