What’s inside?! Watch us unbox the new Xbox in 60 seconds

The next evolution in the console wars between Sony and Microsoft is finally upon us. With the Playstation 4 generally known as the better gaming console, Microsoft decided to up the ante with an all-new console aimed at those who own 4K UHD TV’s. Deemed the Xbox One S, Microsoft’s latest features a 40% slimmer profile, HDR capability, 4K video playback and up to a 2TB hard-drive. Just released to the public at $400, is their newest Xbox enough to make gamers want to upgrade or dare I say switch teams and join the Microsoft family?

In this video Joshua Smith brings a quick inside look at exactly what $400 gets you out of the box with the Xbox One S. With no Kinect, one remodeled all-white controller and a free Xbox-Live trial, some changes are obvious. The new vertical stand is a nice added bonus as well. Find out if the Xbox One S is worth all of the hype in this quick unboxing.

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