‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ collectibles guide

Here's how to find every collectible treasure in 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy'

'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' Collectibles Guide
Naughty Dog
Like Uncharted 4 and previous entries in the series, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is full of collectible treasures you can find scattered throughout the lengthy DLC. And like in previous games, putting in the effort unlocks a bunch of secrets and additional content, like concept art, from the game’s main menu.

But while you’re wandering the jungles of India’s Western Ghats mountain range, climbing ruins, and shooting bad guys, it can be easy to miss the myriad of collectibles hidden in every nook and cranny. That’s okay, though: Our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide will help you find every bit of shiny developer Naughty Dog hid in The Lost Legacy, so you can concentrate on having a good time with Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross.


Ginesh Statuette

This one doesn’t really count, since it already belongs to Chloe. You’ll get it back as you move through the market, after the little kid pickpockets you.

Chapters 1-3

Chapter 1

Sterling Silver Cigarette Case

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Once you’ve made it through the red door, you’ll enter a building patrolled by Asav’s men. Take out the first two and instead of taking the stairs, look for an open window. Climb out and you’ll be able to shimmy over to a fire escape ladder. Take it to the rooftop above and head to the left side of the roof. The treasure is laying on some barrels. If you see the plane fly over and bomb the city below, you’re in the right place.

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Chapter 2

Bullet Whistle

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After meeting up with Nadine, you’ll start climbing toward Asav’s building. You’ll jump to some neon signs, shimmy around a building, climb some more signs and then pull yourself up to a roof with some low grass and a wire you can use as a zip line. Avoid the zipline and go to the far side of the roof, on the level higher than the grass, from where you first climbed up. Hang from the edge of the roof and go around one of the low tin huts to find the treasure.

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Military Service Lighter

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When you’re ready to go down the zip line, take out a guard and then go into a shed to get a wheely cart that you can climb on. The Military Service Lighter is on the table beside the box.

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Utility Spork

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The next time you find a wheely cart, it’ll be to drop it down to Nadine so she can climb up to where you are. When you push it over the side of your much higher ledge, though, it’ll crash through the roof, taking Nadine along with it. Before you drop down, walk back around to the part of the structure where you found the cart and check the ground where it was to find the Utility Spork.

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Traveling Inkwell

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After you drop down through the broken roof to meet up with Nadine, you’ll head toward the Pink Lotus sign again. Jump across to a single bar you’ll have to swing off of, then shimmy along the wall to climb into a blasted office building. Up ahead you’ll see the pink lights indicating the way forward, but instead of heading that way, go to the left side of the room. You’ll find a narrower section of the room with a desk against the far wall, and the Traveling Inkwell on it.

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Tactical Compass

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Look for this in the room where Asav keeps all his artifacts. From the door, walk in to the left and move around the corner to the right. You’ll see the large, tilted windows on the left side of the room. Head toward those, behind the big shelf in front of them, to find the Tactical Compass sitting on a crate.

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Chapter 3

Gupta Empire Coins

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Drive until you hit the small lakebed where Chloe says, “Hey look, it’s a flamingo convention.” In the center of the lake, in front of the waterfalls, is a big rock. Just behind that rock in the water is the treasure, and it’s easily missed.

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Silver Water Jar

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Drive until you get to the gates to the capital. Get out and approach them and you’ll trigger a cutscene about the jeep’s winch, then get ambushed by some soldiers. After they’re dead, climb up to where they came from (the structure to your left if you’re facing the gates). On one of the bodies you should find some grenades. Use one to blow open the weak stone wall on the top level of the structure to find the Silver Water Jar behind it.

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Golden Fish Statuette

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Drive on through the gates, following the river. Watch for a pair of waterfalls on your right side, flanking a structure in the middle. Hop out of the car and go into the structure, between the waterfalls, to find a short tunnel where the Golden Fish Statuette waits.

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Mango Crystal Scent Flask

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After your first encounter with Asav’s men, you’ll climb up above the gate in order to use a wheel to open it. From there, you’ll go inside and climb down, dropping into the jeep when you hit the ground. Don’t drive away — instead, hop out of the jeep and look at the inside wall inside the gate. It’s the left side when you’re standing with your back to the jeep.


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