Unlock an early taste of zombies in this Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare easter egg

unlock early taste zombies call duty advanced warfare easter egg

A full-featured zombies mode has been confirmed as one of the downloadable content add-ons for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but dedicated soldiers can get an early taste of the action as demonstrated by YouTube streamer Ali-A below:

The zombie easter egg unlocks on the Riot map after you have completed everything in the game’s cooperative Exo Survival mode. To unlock Riot you have to play through 50 tier 1 maps, 75 tier 2 maps, and 100 tier 3 maps.

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Once you’re on Riot, you must survive for 10 rounds before a cluster of Manticore genetic bombs — a nod to the game’s campaign — drop down onto the battlefield as the screen fades to black. You awaken soon after to find that your exoskeleton has been knocked offline you must survive an onslaught of walking dead (more like running dead) before rescue arrives.

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Advanced Warfare‘s zombies are a far cry from the shambling Nazis of World at War‘s original zombie mode, barreling at you with the speed and aggression of 28 Days Later runners. The full zombie mode will be included in one of the four announced DLC packs coming in 2015, which can be purchased individually or as part of a Season Pass.