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'Resident Evil 4' returns with remastered PS4, Xbox One release in August

upgraded resident evil 4 hits xbox one ps4 in august residentevil4hd feat
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Resident Evil 4, Capcom’s popular survival/horror/action game, will make its Xbox One and PlayStation 4 debut in August with the launch of a visually upgraded digital release, the publisher announced Thursday.

In addition to offering all storyline content featured in the game’s original GameCube release, the remastered Resident Evil 4 will include an array of bonus content introduced in later ports and reissues.

Originally exclusive to Nintendo’s GameCube console, Resident Evil 4 upended long-standing series traditions for the franchise. Resident Evil 4 abandoned the series’ fixed-camera perspective in favor of an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, putting players in close virtual proximity to the game’s armies of mutated creatures.

Resident Evil 4 served as a template for future series entries, as follow-ups Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 featured similar action-oriented gameplay. The recently announced Resident Evil 7 marks another major shift for the series with first-person gameplay suited for PlayStation VR headsets.

The remastered Resident Evil 4 features the original game’s full campaign in addition to bonus extras like Mercenaries Mode, a New Game Plus option, and a side story starring returning series favorite Ada Wong.

“This current release of Resident Evil 4 on PS4 and Xbox One includes all the bonus content from the original game, as well as additional features that were added in later versions,” Capcom’s Tim Turi said. “The mysterious and elusive Ada Wong stars in her own side story, which fills in intriguing story gaps from Leon’s mission. Mercenaries Mode — the addicting evolution of RE3‘s bonus mode — is awarded to players who complete the campaign, providing hours of replayability and lets fans play as Wesker, Hunk, and more iconic characters.”

Resident Evil 4 is the last of three remastered Resident Evil series releases to hit modern consoles in recent months, following up on upgraded versions of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. A full remake of Resident Evil 2 is also in the works, though Capcom has not yet announced a release date.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Resident Evil 4 will be available at retail and via digital storefronts on August 30.

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