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Verdun brings World War I to the PlayStation 4, trenchfoot not included

Verdun Coming to PS4 Next Week
Verdun, the highly rated World War I shooter on Steam, is headed to the PS4 next week, just a week ahead of Battlefield 1’s own visit to the Great War and the killing fields of early twentieth century Europe.

It’s easy to compare the two, but Verdun provides a markedly different take on the war that shaped the early twentieth century, delivering similarly bloody, gruesome, and intense battles from the period.

Where Battlefield 1 delivers on stunning visuals and intense fast-paced combat, Verdun dials things back a bit. Taking a page out of history, Verdun emphasizes careful pacing and bursts of intense action. Tension is key to the Verdun experience, and soon enough players on the PS4 will be able to enjoy it. An Xbox One version has been announced but has been delayed, reports Eurogamer.


Players in Verdun each take on a specific role within their squad, and work as a team to achieve their objectives. The emphasis on squad and role-based combat provides a very unique feel which has garnered a cult following and a solid lineup of glowing reviews.

Developers M2H and Blackmill Games have built up a solid following on Steam. Their multiplayer squad-based take on World War 1’s iconic – if horrifying – trench warfare has resonated with fans, and the game currently enjoys a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam. Developers M2H and Blackmill Games have been very active in engaging with community concerns and suggestions.

It’s a smaller game than Battlefield 1, and a little less polished, but with a devoted community and a unique take on the subject matter, Verdun is definitely worth checking out if you’ve ever wanted to bleed out in the mud while your friends get cut down by machine gun fire.

Verdun retails for $25 on Steam, with no word yet on PS4 pricing.

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