Verizon Wireless unveils GameTanium, it’s own subscription game service


On Friday, Verizon Wireless announced its partnership with Exent’s “GameTanium,” a centralized game center app for its Android smartphones and tablets. The subscription-based service will offer users unlimited access to its library of 150 mobile games for $5.99 per month, per device.

GameTanium will enable its subscribers to download onto their mobile devices up to 100 smartphone games and 50 tablet games including hits like Fruit Ninja, Doodle God, and World of Goo. The catch is that while the games can be downloaded onto their devices, they must be subscribed to the service to access and play the games.

The GameTanium app can be downloaded from Verizon Apps on 30 Android smartphones and two Android Tablets, including Motorola’s Droid Razr, HTC’s Droid Incredible 4G LTE, and Motorola’s Droid Xyboard 8.2.

The service is similar to that of other social gaming services like Apple’s Game Center and Amazon’s recently launched GameCircle for its Kindle devices. But at its core GameTanium is a curation service — more than anything else –that offers only the “best” and “most popular” games among the tens of thousands out there. GameTanium, according to Exent, takes the guess work out of what game you should try and download next. “Exent draws upon its vast gaming experience to curate and catalog the best mobile games while working closely with our operator partners to ensure the catalog is consistent with their audience profile,” Zvi Levgoren, CEO of Exent told Digital Trends.

In other words, it’s an alternative to the Google Play game store. The service brings the pre-purchase information that you’d find on all app stores including parental ratings, screen shots, and customer reviews. The perk with this app, and the bang for your buck, comes with the FAQ and live GameTanium customer support. Five days during the weekday, between normal 9 to 5 business hours, you can reach its customer specialist through email, SMS, or even phone.

GameTanium can be found on devices in Korea under Korea Telecom, and on devices in Inda under Tata DOCOMO, with Verizon being its first launch partner for the service’s debut in the United States. When we inquired about whether this service would be coming to non-Verizon carriers including T-mobile, AT&T and Sprint, Levgoren informed us that he wasn’t able to disclose specific details, but left us with an open ended answer that hinted at the company’s desire to expand its services to other carriers. “Exent is partnering with major mobile operators to provide the GameTanium Games on Demand service to their consumers through their various marketing channels. As a matter of policy we do not disclose specific deal terms and in any case we are bound by NDAs.”

For those of you avid mobile gamers on Verizon Android devices, this service will be right up your alley. For Android device owners under non-Verizon carriers, we think it’s just a matter of time before GameTanium makes its way to your service provider.