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Video: Modern Warfare 3 strike packages explained

Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-screenshotJust in case you weren’t excited enough about the November 8 release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Activision has released a video explaining how the new multiplayer strike packages will work. The video outlines that in Modern Warfare 2 the game really only rewarded players who were trying to kill several people in a row without dying. Modern Warfare 3 is changing how the whole system works so that every type of player is able to be rewarded depending on their play style.

The kill streak system was simple in MW2, the more people you killed before you died the better the reward you would receive. This system would be useless for a player who wanted to focus on capturing a flag, or defending a base. So in MW3 they created strike packages that unlock rewards depending on what type of player you are. There are three types of strike packages: assault, support, and specialist and all three work in a different manner and issue rewards for different achievements..

The assault strike package will function just like the kill streak system in MW2. When you kill people you unlock special attacks that help you kill even more people. For example you are able to unlock bombing strikes, predator missiles, and attack helicopters. For fans of the old kill streak system this is the strike package for you.

For those of you who would rather capture a flag defend a base the support package is tailored for you. Instead of being rewarded for kills you are rewarded for points you earn from capturing a HQ, defusing a bomb, or capturing a flag. The biggest difference with the support package is that your streak does not reset when you die. So you are not going to be punished if you are a flag carrier who gets gunned down on the way back to your base. Some of the rewards for the support package include UAVs, recon drones, and sentry guns.

The last strike package is called the specialist package, and it might be the most interesting of the bunch. Instead of unlocking bombing runs or sentry guns you unlock perks that boost your character. Like in MW2 each player starts with three perks, ie: Stopping power, marathon, and cold blooded, but as a specialist the more people you kill the more perks your player is able to have at the same time. For every two kills your player earns a new perk, and by the time you have killed eight players you have every perk in the game. They do not explain if this is package resets after each death, or if it is like the support package and your streak persists through death.

We were already excited for November 8, but after seeing this video we officially can’t wait! What strike package is right for you?

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