Viral videos: Kid creates working scientific calculator in Minecraft, Tenacious D returns


There is always plenty of news to cover, but it never hurts to watch a few videos too. Below are a couple links to some new videos that popped up today. 

Tenacious D – To Be The Best

If you’re not in your mid-20s (or older), you may not even know about Tenacious D. They were pretty big some years back, but haven’t done much since their big movie, The Pick of Destiny, bombed in 2006. This year, The D is mounting a comeback with its new album “Rize of the Fenix,” which the band describes as the “greatest album ever recorded, by anyone, ever. That’s not opinion. That’s fact.” The new album will be out on May 15. If this teaser video is any indication, it should be quite hilarious. 

Kid makes Mincecraft calculator

If this is any indication, teenagers may indeed have too much time on their hands. While his peers were out partying, 16-year-old Minecraft player MaxSGB created a fully operational scientific and graphing calculator in the game with a screen that can display up to 25 digits and full access to complicated symbols like square roots and fractions. This video is a really lengthy look at the mechanical calculator, which would stretch 5 million cubic meters if it were built in the real world (and the real world were made of blocks).