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Viral videos: Kid creates working scientific calculator in Minecraft, Tenacious D returns

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There is always plenty of news to cover, but it never hurts to watch a few videos too. Below are a couple links to some new videos that popped up today. 

Tenacious D – To Be The Best

If you’re not in your mid-20s (or older), you may not even know about Tenacious D. They were pretty big some years back, but haven’t done much since their big movie, The Pick of Destiny, bombed in 2006. This year, The D is mounting a comeback with its new album “Rize of the Fenix,” which the band describes as the “greatest album ever recorded, by anyone, ever. That’s not opinion. That’s fact.” The new album will be out on May 15. If this teaser video is any indication, it should be quite hilarious. 

Kid makes Mincecraft calculator

If this is any indication, teenagers may indeed have too much time on their hands. While his peers were out partying, 16-year-old Minecraft player MaxSGB created a fully operational scientific and graphing calculator in the game with a screen that can display up to 25 digits and full access to complicated symbols like square roots and fractions. This video is a really lengthy look at the mechanical calculator, which would stretch 5 million cubic meters if it were built in the real world (and the real world were made of blocks). 

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Remnant 2 gets a big Steam discount alongside crossplay update
Three characters shoot at a boss in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2, one of the best multiplayer games of 2023, just received an update that added crossplay and is now available at a discounted price of $30 on Steam for a limited time.

Released in July 2023, Remnant 2 is a co-op third-person looter shooter with surprisingly great boss fights. Campaigns are made up of procedurally generated worlds and narrative moments pulled together from a wider pool, making each replay of Remnant 2 feel unique. It's very fun on your own, but most enjoyable with friends as it supports up to three players in co-op. Until now, multiplayer has been locked to individual platforms.

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PSA: Don’t burn yourself out on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s open-world activities
Cloud from FFVII

I'm normally a completionist when it comes to games, but I wish I had told myself to push that mindset to the side before I started Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

I get the desire to do it all, I really do. In the critically acclaimed sequel, we're finally let loose outside of Midgar. Square Enix has laid a huge, lush set of biomes to stretch our legs in after being stuck in the cramped hallways and tunnels of the drab city. Despite most of the world activities in Rebirth being standard open-world fare (activating towers, scanning points of interest, and hunting down specific monsters), there's an undeniable novelty to doing it with Cloud and the rest of Avalanche. What I wish I had known before starting was just how easy it was to burn out on that feeling.

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With EA’s Star Wars shooter canceled, it’s time to revisit a classic
Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster key art.

Amid a layoff wave at the end of February, EA canceled a Star Wars first-person shooter that was in development at Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment. Considering this is a genre that Star Wars once dominated, as well as Respawn’s mastery with games like Titanfall 2, the news especially stung, even if it's small potatoes next to all the jobs lost in EA's layoffs. If you’re yearning for a Star Wars FPS and don’t want to wait for the Star Wars: Battlefront remaster launching later this month, you’re in luck.

On February 28, the Atari-owned Nightdive Studios released Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster. Employing the proprietary KEX Engine used on remasters of classic Turok and Quake games, Nightdive enhanced the 1995 MS-DOS and Macintosh shooter that follows the escapades of Rebel mercenary Kyle Katarn. Playing this game for the first time in 2024, I’ve found that it still holds up immaculately and is worth checking out if you’re worried about the future of Star Wars games.

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