Vivendi Universal Offers New Mobile Games

Vivendi Universal Games today announced its upcoming line up of second and third quarter 2006 mobile game titles. Six games will be made available for purchase and download to compatible phones.

The titles coming available, said Vivendi Universal Games include SWAT Force, which allows gamers to take control of a two-man SWAT squad and lead them through seven crisis situations; Empire Earth, which allows gamers to become generals as they conquer all opposition through eight campaigns; After Dark, Flying Toaster, which allows gamers to take on navigating puzzle levels which catching enough toast to keep the Flying Toaster in the air; Red Baron, which allows gamers to take part in dogfights as they take on various enemy pilots with their own fighting and flying styles; Navy Challenge, which allows gamers to take on the role of a U.S., British, Japanese or Chinese admiral directing a fleet in a twist on the classic Battleships game; and Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre, which allows gamers to led a Delta Force unit on ten missions through South American jungles and Persian Gulf deserts.

“VUG Mobile continues to expand its product line-up of premium titles ranging in appeal from core gamers to casual players and in gameplay from engaging strategy games to one-thumb gaming fun,” said VUG Mobile President, Paul Maglione, in a statement.