Watch Chuck Norris pummel orcs in the new World of Warcraft ad

watch chuck norris pummel orcs in the new world of warcraft adPossibly feeling the pressure from its recent player exodus, World of Warcraft is punching up its promotional campaign… literally.

A new television ad for the popular MMO puts Chuck Norris in the role of World of Warcraft pitchman, and offers a peek at what his character would look like if he made the jump from larger-than-life action hero to in-game “hunter.” The commercial features Norris’ digital alter ego beating up orcs and delivering his famous roundhouse kick to massive beasts, reinforced gates, and anything else that gets in his way.

As the ad correctly points out, however, “Chuck Norris does not hunt. Hunting would imply the possibility of failure.”

The commercial premiered during last night’s NFL matchup between the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers, so you’ll likely to see more of it in the coming weeks.