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'Watch Dogs 2' season pass includes story missions with familiar faces

Watch Dogs 2 – Season Pass Trailer [US]
The holiday barrage of new game releases is already upon us, and one of the most anticipated games for 2016, Watch Dogs 2, is less than two weeks away. Ubisoft has detailed what to expected if you decide to purchase the game’s season pass, and it includes the return of a franchise favorite.

Though fan-favorite character T-Bone — known for some of the craziest missions in the original Watch Dogs as well as the Bad Blood DLC — appears in the main campaign of Watch Dogs 2, you’ll have to pick up the season pass and its “T-Bone content bundle” to acquire his outfit, a new “Mayhem” co-op difficulty setting, as well as his custom truck. It looks more like a school bus from the depths of hell, with spikes running along the side and a massive bulldozer in the front. The pack will be available first to PlayStation 4 on December 13.

The second pack, “Human Conditions,” includes three story missions featuring the characters Lenni and Jordi, the latter of whom was featured prominently in Watch Dogs as Aiden Pearce’s “partner.” Ubisoft said that these missions will each take about an hour to complete, and see protagonist Marcus going after nefarious corporations as well as the mafia. The pack also includes the “Elite” co-op mission, and will be available next spring.

The third DLC, “No Compromise,” is also available next spring and includes a new massive cooperative mode called “Showdown,” where “only the best players survive.”

The Watch Dogs 2 season pass will set you back $40 and also includes the cosmetic “Psychedelic Pack” as well as the “Root Access Bundle,” which includes an appearance by the infamous Zodiac Killer — or an imposter. The bundle will be released sometime this winter.

Watch Dogs 2 is out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 15, with a PC release following on November 29. If you purchase the $100 “Gold” edition of the game, the season pass is included.

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