Watch GE build the Edison Memorial in Minecraft

Sure, GE spends a lot of time doing, well, important stuff, but apparently the company can have a little fun sometimes, too.

In a recent installment of The GE Show, a series of online presentations that explore themes related to the industries the company serves, some talented GE personnel endeavored to recreate New Jersey’s Edison Memorial Tower within the world of Minecraft.

For those who haven’t been sucked into Minecraft yet, the game is a sandbox-style building game in which players mine resources and build structures in an open environment. In the video below, you can watch them build the tower brick by pixelated brick, using a schematic that they’ve made available for download.

According to the site, the project was used to illustrate additive manufacturing techniques. (Note: I initially mistyped “additive” as “addictive” in that sentence, which actually works just as well, if you’re at all familiar with Minecraft.)

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