Watch the first clip from Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

watch the first clip from battlestar galactica blood and chromeBattlestar Galactica fans have been in withdrawal for quite a while now since the popular sci-fi series concluded and the subsequent spin-off series have had less-than-stellar success. All is not lost, however, as the Battlestar Galactica universe will return as a 10-episode webseries that premieres this week. A new clip from that series arrived online today.

Titled Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, the new series (which was originally conceived as a two-hour movie) will serve as a prequel to the wildly successful series that ran for four seasons on Syfy. Blood & Chrome stars Luke Pasqualino as a young William “Husker” Adama, and he’s joined by actors Ben Cotton and Lili Bordán.

All ten episodes of the series will be released on starting November 9, and the entire project will then air on Syfy in early 2013.

The premise of the series follows Adama during the tenth year of humanity’s war with the robotic Cylons, as he’s assigned to the massive Galactica battleship and clashes with a battle-weary commanding officer (Cotton). The series is based on a story by Michael Taylor, Bradley Thompson, and David Weddle, as well as the reimagined series’ co-creator, David Eick.

You can watch the first clip from the series below: