We assure you, this is not a trailer for Fallout 4

we assure you this is not a trailer for fallout 4 fallout3

Over the past few days rumors have emerged that a trailer for the unannounced Fallout 4 has been somehow leaked from hypothetical creator Bethesda Softworks. You can watch the trailer below, but before you do, we would like to point out a few reasons why this thing is almost definitely the work of some kid in a basement attempting to either troll the sizable Fallout fanbase or anonymously earn acclaim and affection in the most utterly backwards way possible.

First, we should point out that no one outside of Bethesda has any idea if the company is even developing a new Fallout sequel. Presumably that’s happening if only by virtue of the vast amounts of money such a game would pull in, but no one can say for sure. Generally speaking, those of us who write about games for a living are the first to find out about such things and after rigorously polling our colleagues, it genuinely seems as if no one knows a thing about Fallout 4. If such a thing were out there, we’d tell you about it. Attracting pageviews is how we avoid starving to death.

Second, you will notice that all of the assets used in the trailer, from the models to (most of) the textures to the music, are all easily found in either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. Those San Francisco signs are new, but it wouldn’t take a graphics design wizard to whip up something like that in the course of an hour or two, and once that’s done it’s a simple matter to insert those elements into a short vignette with just enough atmosphere to convince hopeful Fallout fans across the ‘net that another title in the long-running series is imminent.

Third, you will notice a severe lack of voiceover work in this trailer. That’s simply unlike Bethesda. As you can see in this Fallout 3 teaser and this Fallout: New Vegas trailer, the company loves grim voice work. If nothing else, any real Fallout trailer would include that famous “War … war never changes” line, most likely spoken by Ron “Hellboy” Perlman. Unfortunately for the creator of this hoax, it’s rather expensive to hire Mr. Perlman. Not at all feasible when you’re simply trying to fool gullible internet folk.

Finally, there’s nothing all that impressive in this trailer. Bethesda’s vignettes usually pan across a vast, scarred wasteland at the very least, whereas this thing just crawls a few feet left or zooms in on some bit of rubble that’s supposed to entirely convince viewers of its legitimacy.

In conclusion, no, this is not a leaked trailer for Fallout 4. Normally we wouldn’t take the time to point that out, but enough people have been fooled by it that we felt it our duty as purveyors of truth and other, similar things, to cast aside the false illusion. Officially, there is no Fallout 4, but rest assured, the moment there is, we’ll tell you all about it.


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