What does Sony have planned for February 20?

what does sony have planned for february 20 announcementYou can’t swing a bloody blade of chaos on the internet without hitting a rumor regarding the next generation of consoles that Microsoft and Sony are planning. We all know they are coming. They have been confirmed to be in development. They will play games. Beyond that, it is all rumor.

We can make plenty of educated guesses (as well as plenty of uneducated guesses), but the good money is that they will both be coming out this year, most likely in the lucrative holiday season beginning around Thanksgiving. Even that is a guess though, but it is one based on a fair amount of evidence.

But again, the rumors are rampant. A recent hoax even caught several media outlets with their pants down, when a guy deliberately contacted journalists with rumors just to see if anyone would report on them (spoiler: they did). So when something new pops up that has people talking, it is wise to approach it with caution.

Earlier today, Sony posted the mysterious video below, announcing that we should all pay attention to February 20. The video clearly states that it is a PlayStation announcement, and it was posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. A link even leads you to a sign up page where you can enter your email for information.

It could be something as simple as a new game announcement, or even a service upgrade to the PSN. Perhaps it is just a roadmap for the year, or even a new PS3 bundle with a bigger hard drive. But…

After the last console launches, Sony allowed Microsoft a full year head start, which proved to be a huge advantage. So it would make sense for Sony to try to get the jump on Microsoft by announcing the PS4 before the announcement of the next Xbox.

That is all supposition, of course. We’ve reached out to PlayStation, and will update the article with the inevitable no comment. After that, we’ll just have to wait until 6pm EST on February 20, when Sony pulls back the curtain.