Who needs Mega Man? Keiji Inafune makes new side-scroller J.J. Rockets

mega man 11

Keiji Inafune’s been keeping it quiet since leaving Capcom in 2010. Under his new company Comcept, Inafune’s worked on a couple of small projects like Kaio: King of Pirates and Guild 02. He’s also making Soul Sacrifice, a sort of gory take on Monster Hunter, for the PlayStation Vita. These games are all distant from Inafune’s most famous creation, however. When will the man return to the 2D sidescroller form he helped found with Mega Man?

This week! Comcept released J.J. Rockets for Android phones on Tuesday. It’s free to play in Japan with a Mobage account at the moment, and an iPhone version is expected out soon.

If you hit up Comcept’s homepage for the game, you’ll see that Rockets recalls not just the Mega Man series but also another Capcom classic, Viewtiful Joe. It’s a little different though. Rather than a diminutive robot fighting for everlasting peace, you play as the President of the United States. The guy in hockey mask crash helmet holding a big golden gun? Yep, that’s the POTUS.

This game needs to come out here before November.