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Wii 2 rumors: Project Cafe controller to have camera, stylus and 6-inch display

Project Cafe via DestructoidA few rumors and new media about the upcoming Wii 2 have scampered out into the open. According to VG24/7, a leaked video for the Nintendo Project Cafe has appeared on Youtube with more details about the touchscreen controller.

The YouTube video below was allegedly taken during a closed meeting of video game developers. The video contains a slideshow of diagrams about the machine’s casing and the controller, as well as the actual Project Cafe box on the table at the bottom right corner. Nintendo UK said Wednesday morning that the video was just speculation.

The controller looks like the old GameCube controllers with, according to Develop, a 6-inch display embedded in the middle. That’s pretty big for a controller screen. Develop’s source also says that the controller will feature a front-facing camera for in-game images and may possibly have a stylus along with traditional controls, like the DS. Develop’s source also said that the 3DS may be integrated with the new console, acting as a replacement controller if needed.

project cafe controller via revolt-tech

What can be made out of the text in this picture says: “Screen Stream takes the 1080p image and pushes each rendered quarter to the player’s personal screen. The TV can then be turned off or left on to display alternate camera views of the action”.

Along with the video and the whispering voices about the controller comes the larger image of a Project Cafe case, which corresponds pretty closely to the diagrams in the YouTube video. The leaked image looks bigger than the Wii, possibly as big as the PS3. Destructoid calls it “a cross between a Wii and a Tupperware box”. There is no Nintendo logo, which means this may not be the finished design and size of the Project Cafe console.

Rumors about the Nintendo’s Wii 2 hardware have already been floating around such as 1080p HD, stereoscopic 3D and triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset.

None of this can be confirmed (though it can seem convincing). We’ll just have to wait for June 7 to get some peace of mind.

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