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‘Wii Sports’ returns with HD and online play

wii sports returns with hd and online play in club

Wii Sports, the pack-in game that sealed Nintendo’s Wii success in 2006, is set to be revived in HD as Wii Sports Club for Wii U, the latest Nintendo Direct livestream confirms. Baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, and tennis are set for re-release in the Wii U eShop as individual downloads. In addition to the newly refreshed graphics, all games in the Wii Sports Club package also support online multiplayer.

The pricing is where things start to get a little odd, so pay attention. You’ll be able to download any of the five games for free on a 24-hour trial, and after that you’ll have the option of picking up either a $1.99 Day Pass or a $9.99 full purchase. There’s no bundle deal, but $50 for all five is right in line with standard pricing on Wii games.

The addition of online support covers more than just versus play. The “Club” in Wii Sports Club refers to a community focus in the games, in which “players will be registered to state or regional clubs,” the press release notes. You’ll be able to chat with fellow players using Miiverse during matches, and participate in either unranked matches versus fellow club members or ranking matches versus rival clubs.

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