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‘Wilson’s Heart’ will scare the Oculus Rift right off your face

Wilson's Heart Teaser
If you have the stomach and legs to handle evocative virtual reality horror games, then the recently debuted Wilson’s Heart, is going to be right up your street. Blending the new VR technology with a cinematic monster story from classic cinema, Wilson’s Heart is set to launch at the end of April.

Developed by Twisted Pixel Games, the company behind games like The Gunstringer and ‘Splosion Man, Wilson’s Heart is set in a 1940s hospital that seems abandoned at first but soon turns out to be anything but that. As players look to unravel a “disturbing mystery,” there are jump scares and tentacled beasts alike to look out for.

“Suspending disbelief has never been easier or more compelling than living this mind-bending scenario firsthand in VR,” Oculus said in its announcement of the game, which it describes as having a neo-noir aesthetic. A mixture of dramatic lighting and sound design make for a suspense-riddled experience, which scared the pants off of us at CES.

As a Touch-enabled title, you will be able to use the Rift’s motion controllers to accurately interact with the virtual world, as well as fight with some of its occupants. In a couple of GIFs shown off by Oculus, we can see the player opening up desk drawers with their hands, reading through documents, and even punching someone wearing a World War I-era gas mask and helmet.

The game features a star-studded cast of actors, from Alfred Molina of Spider-Man 2 and Frida fame, to Rosario Dawson, well-known for her roles in Sin City and Top Five, and Peter Weller, the original RoboCop.

Wilson’s Heart will be sold exclusively through the Oculus store front and therefore will only be officially supported on the Rift headset but you can expect it to be swiftly ported to the HTC Vive using the Revive Injector.

Wilson’s Heart is set to debut on April 25.

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