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‘Injustice 2’ challenge offers ability to dress Wonder Woman in armor from film

wonder woman skins injustice 2 wonderwomangear
NetherRealm Studios is looking to take advantage of the hype surrounding the new Wonder Woman movie by releasing some tie-in cosmetics for its recently released Injustice 2. Anyone wanting to dress up their Wonder Woman like she looks in the movie can now earn that ability through a special Wonder Woman challenge available exclusively over the next few days.

The Wonder Woman movie is just one of the several big comic book films slated for release in 2017, and as a major character within the DC universe, she is of course featured in the recently released Injustice 2. As is the case with a lot of fighting games, Injustice 2 features various outfits and skins for the different characters, including Wonder Woman.

Where she is different, though, is in the movie, but that look can now be brought right into your Injustice 2 game thanks to the developers. To unlock the special gear set, players need to complete the multiverse event “To End All Wars” by June 5. The gear set can still be unlocked after that deadline, but it will take longer and require some luck to get all the pieces, according to Bleeding Cool.

When it comes to updates of the game, NetherRealm won’t be stopping with the Wonder Woman skin release. We’ve already been introduced to one of the first characters coming by way of DLC: Red Hood. The man once slated to become Robin has since been corrupted, and though he fights crime, is happy to dish out a pistol whipping to any and all who face him.

For those playing Injustice 2 on mobile, there are some Wonder Woman tie-ins there, too, including two brand-new Wonder Woman character cards, as well as the movie gear set to unlock.

Injustice 2 is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile.

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