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Wordle spin-off Worldle tests your geography knowledge

Weary of Wordle? Still a big fan? Either way, if you fancy challenging a different part of your brain with a game that still offers that Wordle-type tease, then give Worldle a go.

As its name just about suggests, Worldle tests your geography knowledge by getting you to guess the name of a country simply by its shape.

Just like Wordle, you have six chances to guess the correct answer. To help you along the way, each wrong guess results in several clues such as the distance and direction to the target country from the one you just entered.

For example, if your first guess is Chile and the answer is Lebanon, the game will reveal you’re off by 13,557 km (you can change the unit to miles) and display an arrow to point you in the geographical direction of the correct answer.

If you go for Finland next, you’ll discover that you’re 3,206 km off — a helpful clue that lets you know you’re getting close. Note that the distances correspond to those between the center of the guessed and target countries. For example, despite sharing a border, the distance between the U.S. and Canada will show as 2,260 km.

An example of Worldle.

If you find Worldle too easy (you won’t), you can make it harder by having the country image randomly rotated, or by having the image turned off altogether.

Worldle launched in late January soon after Wordle started gaining global attention. After a slow start, Worldle is beginning to get some serious attention. On February 14, for example, its France-based creator revealed that more than half a million people played the game the day before.

You crazy people! It was supposed to be just a small side project! We are now half a million who played #Worldle today! Wtf?! 🤯🤩 Thanks to all of you! ❤️

— teuteuf (@teuteuf) February 13, 2022

Like Wordle, Worldle is web-only, offers a new challenge each day, and has no ads. But unlike Wordle, it hasn’t been snapped up The New York Times for a large sum of money … (yet).

Other Wordle spin-offs include Nerdle for math fans, Squirdle for Pokémon fans, and Lewdle for fans of the kind of words you’ll never see on Wordle.

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