World Cup not enough Soccer for you? Check out Every Street United on Xbox Live

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Every Street United, the soccer talent hunt reality show airing exclusively through Xbox Live, heats up this weekend as the eight selected players come together in Rio de Janeiro to train for their final 4v4 street game.

Over the first two episodes, legendary footballers Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids spanned the globe to scout out eight of the best street players from Argentina, Brazil, England, Ghana, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, and the United States. This coming Sunday in episode 3, Henry and Davids switch from scouts to mentors as they prepare the players for their climactic throwdown in Rio.

Microsoft has posted profiles of all eight players so you can learn a bit about who they are and what drives them in anticipation of Sunday’s episode. Xbox Live subscribers have access to all previously-aired episodes in addition to loads of additional interactive content. As the first offering from Xbox Entertainment Studios, Every Street United is an exciting look forward at the kind of integrated, multimedia entertainment made possible by powerful, connected platforms like Xbox.