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‘World Of Final Fantasy’ collector’s edition’s mini figures are so cute it hurts

You may have collector’s edition figures for games like God of War and Assassin’s Creed prominently displayed on your shelves, perhaps ready to destroy their next target in a fury of blades and blood. But sometimes you just want something adorable, and that’s exactly what the World of Final Fantasy collector’s edition delivers.

“When we were coming up with ideas for the collector’s edition for World of Final Fantasy, we wanted to do something a little bit different to really bring you into Grymoire yourself and we came up with the perfect way to do this,” says Square Enix community manager Dan Seto in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

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The result is one of the most creative and adorable collector’s editions we’ve ever seen. Included are three mini figures of classic series characters Cloud, Lightning, and Squall, created in World of Final Fantasy‘s cute chibi visual style.

The collector’s edition also includes the “standard” items you’d expect — a CD soundtrack and an 80-page hardcover art book — but an “exclusive pop-up book” is by far the coolest. It doubles as the box’s case and folds out to reveal 3D papercraft scenes from the game.

One odd inclusion to the collector’s edition that is mentioned in the announcement is “Japanese voice-over DLC.” The $120 package is not the only way to get the Japanese voice-overs, however, according to Square Enix. It will also be available in the standard “day one” edition.

World of Final Fantasy is out on October 25 — October 28 in Europe — for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but it’s not the only Final Fantasy offering coming out this year. The much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV comes out a month earlier, and its collector’s edition includes a 192-page art book, as well as a gorgeous Play Arts Kai figurine. Its price tag reflects the quality, however, as it will set you back $270.

Updated on 8-1-2016 by Gabe Gurwin: Included information on DLC also available in the standard edition of the game.

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