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Free-to-play World of Tanks invades PlayStation 4 next week

world of tanks arrives for ps4 in january wotps4 header
Wargaming’s hit massively multiplayer online shooter World of Tanks will make its PlayStation 4 debut next week, arriving on Sony’s platform with an array of platform-specific gameplay tweaks and features.

Originally released for PCs in 2010, World of Tanks is an evolving online experience that boasts an extensive array of gameplay modes and customization features, and multiple console ports have launched in recent years. This month’s PlayStation 4 port follows up on a full-scale World of Tanks release for the Xbox One and a modified version available on the Xbox 360.

The PlayStation 4 edition of World of Tanks will be free to download from the PlayStation Network at launch. Unlike other online multiplayer games on the PS4, World of Tanks does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription, and is entirely free to play for all PSN members.

In World of Tanks, players compete in online matches between competing tank battalions. Though matches fast and frantic, World of Tanks boasts advanced simulation-oriented features like camouflage and ricochet damage, making for a distinctive gameplay experience.

The new PlayStation 4 port of World of Tanks has been optimized for Sony’s current console with a DualShock 4-specific control scheme, and boasts platform-specific features like Share Play and Remote Play via a connected PlayStation Vita. World of Tanks also includes a Platinum trophy, giving veteran players an incentive to advance through its online ranks.

World of Tanks players on the PlayStation 4 can access a collection of four different Founder’s Packs at launch, each containing premium items that can otherwise be purchased with in-game currency. As an incentive for newcomers, Wargaming is giving away a T1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank with exclusive camouflage to all players who log in to the PlayStation 4 version of World of Tanks by the end of January.

World of Tanks will launch as a free download via the PlayStation Store on January 19th.

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