Gaming the grind: How to level efficiently in World of Warcraft

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Step 4: Always be in queue for dungeons

wow dungeon screenshot

Dungeons in WoW, aside from providing some of the best action and stories, are also a good way to gain items, gold, and — most importantly for the purposes of this guide — experience. While classic WoW required players to physically go to a dungeon to access it, today’s players can simply use the Dungeon Finder to queue for a dungeon, allowing them to form a team with random players. The first dungeons become accessible once you reach level 10.

If you are playing a tank or healer class, the Dungeon Finder is particularly nice, as your queue times will be much lower. While questing, try to be queued up for dungeons at all times. Your activities will not be interrupted until a complete group is formed, so you can continue to complete quests while waiting. Even then, you’ll be automatically teleported to the dungeon, and then back to your previous location when the dungeon is complete.

Dungeons are the fastest way to level for most of your character’s life, but questing will provide better experience than dungeons once you gain access to Legion content. Additionally, each Legion zone’s questline culminates in a quest to complete that zone’s dungeon, so you may as well save the dungeons for last.

Step 5: Use Recruit-A-Friend for an XP bonus

wow adventure with friend

If you have a friend or friends who are also interested in starting WoW, take advantage of Blizzard’s recruit-a-friend program. If you sign a friend up, not only can you get free game time, exclusive mounts and other unique rewards, but you and that particular friend will get a 300 percent bonus to experience gained from completing quests and killing enemies. Playing together with a friend you have recruited (or one who recruited you) will make the leveling experience go much faster.

Step 6: Use elixirs to boost XP gains

If you have gold to spend, or have reached the Warlords of Draenor content (levels 90-100), you can acquire an item called Elixir of the Rapid Mind, which grants a 300 percent increase in experience for 15 minutes. To get these elixirs, you can either buy them on the Auction House — where players sell items for gold, WoW’s in-game currency — or receive them as a reward for garrison missions, which you can start doing once you reach Draenor and set up your garrison.

Fifteen minutes is not a lot, so the best way to maximize the use of an elixir is to do however many quests you want nearly to completion (basically, have the only remaining step be to turn them in), pop the elixir, and then turn in as many of the quests in that time frame as you can.

Another item that grants a similar effect is the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, which drops from certain rare enemies in Pandaria. This elixir grants 300 percent experience for an hour. When picked up, it binds to your account, so it cannot be bought or sold on the Auction House, but you can mail it to one of your lower level characters, if you wish.

A third elixir become available in Draenor. The Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning only grants a 30 percent bonus to experience, but can be purchased from the quartermaster in your garrison for 100 garrison resources. It’ll help you blast through the level 90-100 content in your last push towards the Legion expansion.

Step 7: Leveling in Draenor or the Broken Isles? Do bonus objectives!

So you have finally reached Draenor, and a mere 10 or so levels stand between you and the latest expansion. Thankfully, Draenor is one of the more recent expansions, and despite its shortcomings, Blizzard at least made leveling much easier in this continent.

In addition to the various quests, each zone in Draenor has bonus objectives which players can complete for additional rewards, including experience. These objectives generally involve killing a certain number of a specific enemy or some such goal, and can generally be completed easily while exploring and questing.

You can see the objectives appear on your map in explored areas, and you’ll see them appear automatically in your quest log when you enter the bonus objective’s territory.

Bonus objectives are also present in the Broken Isles, and function the same way as the ones in Draenor.


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