World of Tanks launches today on Xbox 360

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Following a recent beta that counted over half a million users, the complete version of’s World of Tanks is now available on Xbox 360. The free-to-play multiplayer can be downloaded right now at no cost.

World of Tanks was first released in Russia back in August 2010, where it is still a massive draw. In January 2014, Wargaming reported that it had recorded a staggering 1.1 million concurrent users in Russia alone. Following its initial release, the game made its way around the world and has proven to be a huge success for the publisher. Last year alone the free-to-play title earned $372 million, and Wargaming launched a spin-off title, World of Warplanes. A third game in the series, World of Warships, is currently under development.

For now though, the previously PC-only game makes its console debut. Wargaming has yet to announce any plans to bring the game to the next-gen, but neither has it ruled that possibility out.

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