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Ragnaros and King Varian Wrynn will soon join the fight in ‘Heroes of the Storm’

Blizzard’s annual celebration of all things War and Star-craft was extra special this year, as it’s the 25th anniversary of the prolific gaming company. Every one of the current titles is receiving hoards of new content, but perhaps none are as exciting as the new two heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm. 

The first is legendary former king of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn. His appearance in the Nexus marks the game’s first multi-class hero. At levels 4 and 10, players will be able to select from game-changing perks that turn Wrynn to either a shield-bearing brawler, or twin-bladed assassin.

Wrynn isn’t the only epic character making its way into the Nexus, either. Long-time World of Warcraft players will recognize Ragnaros, the Fire Lord from the Molten Core raids of old. In Heroes of the Storm, he’ll send lava spilling out, and molten rocks crashing down, but of course, Ragnaros is a massive boss. You’ll be able to take over a fort, whether alive or dead, and become the gigantic fire lord you always dreamed you could be.

There were other smaller announcements as well. There’s a new map, Blackheart’s Revenge, where teams will take turns attacking and defending a ghostly ship. And it wouldn’t be a Heroes of the Storm update without a slew of new mounts, skins, and other trinkets for collecting.

In an effort to encourage people to play with friends, Blizzard also announced the upcoming Nexus Challenge mode. Play 15 games with a friend, and you’ll both receive the Oni skin for Genji in Overwatch, and Zarya for Heroes of the Storm. Play 30, and you’ll unlock a slew of special character skins in Heroes of the Storm, as well as the Orochi Hovercycle mount.

While Varian Wrynn will appear on the public test realm beginning next week, players will have to wait until December for their chance to swing Sulfuras. The other maps and modes will roll out publicly in between the two.

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