Xbox 360 Slim: What We Know So Far

xbox 360 slim what we know so far 1

The new Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim was announced today at Microsoft’s E3 press conference along with the company’s new Kinect motion sensor hardware (formally called Project Natal) and it comes with a plethora of new hardware features including a smaller, more compact size, of course. We have compiled what we know about the new system below in a list of bullet points. If we missed something, or you simply have something to add, please let us know and we will add it to the list!

xbox 360 slim what we know so far 2Built-in Wi-Fi: The old Xbox 360 came with built-in Ethernet and cost users an extra $99 just to add WiFi to a system that should have had it in the first place. The new Xbox 360 Slim has it, and it’s at blazing fast 802.11n speeds. So now you can stream HD movies, TV shows, games and more without the hassle of connecting a long Ethernet cable.

250GB Hard Drive: Up from 120GB, the new 250GB Hard Drive is larger and removable

Kinect Ready: While you will have to wait till November to get your hands on the lust-worthy Kinect, fear not, as the new Xbox 360 Slim will have a specialized port so you simply add it when you need to.

More Ports: There are now a total of 5 USB ports (3 in the back, 2 upfront) allowing you to add more controllers or accessories. On the back, there is not a separate optical audio out port in addition to the Ethernet and HDMI ports.

Quieter: Microsoft has included a single, larger fan in the Xbox 360 Slim rather than two separate fans in the previous build. But is the system now cooler than before?

Processor/ GPU: 45 nanometer design with integrated CPU and GPU.

Touch Sensitive Buttons: Turn the system on and off, and eject your games just by touching the button – there is nothing to push

Backwards Compatible: All of your older Xbox 360 games and peripherals will work with the Xbox 360 Slim. (Xbox 360 External Hard Drives and Memory Units are not compatible.)

Included in the package: Xbox 360 wireless controller (black), Headset (black)

Price: $299, same as the previous console

What are we missing?

If anyone has information as to whether there is a new motherboard (presumably smaller etc), a different CPU or other information, let us know so we can add it to the list!

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