Xbox 360’s free-to-play library just grew by one with Crytek’s ‘Warface’

xbox 360s free to play library just grew by one with cryteks warface

Crytek’s free-to-play first-person shooter Warface will soon be heading to the Xbox 360, according to a statement from Microsoft. Warface! for the PC is currently in beta in North America, and should release later this year.

The announcement signifies two major points: First, the Xbox 360 may be in its twilight, but the console still has some life in it yet; Two, the free-to-play model that is becoming more and more prevalent on PC will play a big role with consoles in the coming years.

WARFACE joins other free-to-play games like the upcoming World of Tanks for the Xbox 360 and DC Universe Online for the PlayStation 3, and more titles using the new financial model have already been announced for the next gen of consoles, including PlanetSide 2, Blacklight: Retribution, and Dust 514.

As for Crytek’s WARFACE!, the game is already a proven hit. In Russia alone, one of the few countries where the game has officially been released, more than 5 million players had signed up in 2012.

WARFACE!! features competitive and cooperative online missions, and players have a loadout consisting of weapons and items they unlock through play (or pay). For more info on the game itself, check out our hands on.

You may wonder why the game is spelled out like it is above, all capitalized and with an exclamation point. The answer is, look at it. Go ahead and say it out loud, but try to do so without yelling the name – or at least emphatically saying it. It’s just not physically possible.

WARFACE!!! is due out on the Xbox 360 in early 2014, and it will be free-to-play for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership. No plans regarding a next-gen version for the Xbox One have been announced.