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Xbox Game Pass for PC’s monthly price will double on September 17

The monthly cost of the Xbox Game Pass for PC is going up. Microsoft announced that the subscription service will double in price, moving up to $10 a month for U.S. gamers starting September 17.

The PC-exclusive version of Xbox Game Pass lets fans play Xbox Game Studios releases on PC, as well as a library of other games, without needing to own an Xbox One. A console-only option is available separately for $10 a month, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives players access to the service on both console and PC for $15 a month.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC Twitter account announced the change, noting that its current $5 a month “introductory price” will be retired. The new price will vary by region, but U.S. subscribers will pay $10.

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Current subscribers will pay $5 through their next billing cycle regardless of where September 17 falls in it. Anyone subscribing after that will start with the new pricing. A notification will go out to subscribers on September 17 with additional details.

We're retiring the introductory price on the 17th, but if you're already a member, you'll pay the same rate through the next billing cycle. look out for a notification on the 17th to get more details

— Xbox Game Pass For PC (@XboxGamePassPC) September 9, 2020

The change brings the price in line with the console-only version of Xbox Game Pass. The rates for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Games Pass for Console will not change.

The news comes after Microsoft confirmed that Game Pass will leave beta on September 17 as well, with the company saying the app will become “generally available.”

On September 9, Microsoft announced that subscribers will get EA Access with their Game Pass subscriptions starting this holiday season. The deal will bring several EA games to Game Pass for PC and Game Pass Ultimate, including 10-hour trials of new releases. The console version of Game Pass is not included in the deal. Game Pass Ultimate is also available through the Xbox All Access program, which lets players pay for Microsoft’s upcoming consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S, in installments. Plans include a 24-month subscription to Game Pass starting at $25 a month.

Microsoft continues to add value to Game Pass for PC by expanding its library of games. Over the past month, the service has added several critically acclaimed new releases like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Crusader Kings 3, and Wasteland 3. All upcoming first-party Microsoft games will come to Game Pass for PC alongside the consoles, including Halo Infinite when it launches next year.

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