Xbox Live Silver Membership is now ‘free’

In what may be the smallest story of the week, Microsoft has renamed its Xbox Live Silver Membership, which will now be called Xbox Live Free Membership, tweets Graeme Boyd, Xbox Community Manager of Europe. The changes come as part of the company’s overhaul of the site.


The Silver Membership was already Microsoft’s free Xbox Live account and nothing about it will change except the name. The new Xbox website already features the updated lingo, but the actual Xbox 360 console dashboard will not reflect the new wording until it is updated sometime this fall, reports JPS.

By using the word “Free,” Microsoft hopes to encourage more account activations and lessen confusion about Live’s availability. Unlike the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3, a paid subscription is required to fully utilize the Xbox 360’s online features. Microsoft is likely trying to pre-counter a potential backlash when it raises the subscription price on Nov. 1.

Boyd and the Xbox team ask that you to send feedback if you experience any bugs or odd behavior with the updated website.