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Xbox One may slim down in E3 showing, if a Brazilian leak is to be believed

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As much as the FCC might be a stickler for the rules in the U.S., its counterpart in Brazil isn’t quite so strict. It turns out someone has turfed up some specifications and a photo for what might be internal components for a new iteration of the Xbox One. Along with an image of the alleged hardware, the regulator’s listings reference a chip and manual linked with the Microsoft console.

All of this is very, very unofficial, so don’t take it as gospel, but the leak does have a lot to back up its claims. For starters, there’s the above image, which shows us a a wireless networking module made by Microsoft. It’s also listed as a prototype on the label.

That particular bit relates to the wireless chip that Microsoft uses in its Xbox One console. There’s a new version doing the rounds, it seems, which would suggest an upgraded or iterated Xbox One could be in the works. This is backed up by the fact that the wireless chip is linked with the original Xbox One safety manual, further tying it to the console.

Other information listed alongside this (via NeoGAF) is the fact that the NDAs for this hardware are up on June 25, which keeps everyone quiet until a little after E3 — allowing Microsoft to perhaps make a big announcement at the show.

Of course now speculation abounds about what an iterated upon Xbox One could be like. Some have suggested very minimal changes merely improving the wireless performance of the console. However in previous generations we’ve seen Xboxes slimmed down and made quieter and cooler, which may mean the same happens this time around.

Others have suggested we could see an Xbox without a disc drive altogether, while others still go in the entirely opposite direction, hoping that Microsoft adds a 4K Blu-ray player instead.

If Microsoft is going to show off a new version of the Xbox One later this year, what would you like to see changed?

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