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Xbox One controllers work with your PC now

microsoft xbox one review controller front angle

Xbox One controllers are finally compatible with Windows PCs, Xbox hypeman Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb confirms on his blog. The latest Microsoft console’s gamepad works with any game that supports Xbox 360 controllers.

The drivers set to be bundled into an upcoming Windows update, but eager fans can get them now via a direct link in Major Nelson’s blog post. Simply download the drivers, plug in your controller via USB, and let your PC sort out the rest. Before long, you’ll be playing your favorite games with Xbox One controller’s improved functionality in no time.

This driver release should also create additional options down the road when new Xbox One controller updates are released. Unlike the Xbox 360, Xbox One gamepads have sophisticated software built into them that can be tweaked via firmware updates. Currently, that’s only possible via the console (read our step-by-step), but PC support potentially opens the door for plug-and-play updates on your Windows machine as well.

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