Xbox One indie dev program nabs Crytek, Double Fine, 30 others

xbox one idxbox indie dev program nabs crytek vlambeer 30 others idatxbox

Microsoft revealed the first details of its ID@Xbox initiative for Xbox One during the summer, but little else. That changes today with a new Xbox Wire post that identifies 32 independently operating studios of various shapes and sizes that will soon be contributing content to the new console. 

The ID@Xbox program exists to foster a self-publishing community on Xbox. It’s best described as Microsoft’s response to Sony’s own indie-friendly Pub Fund, though we’ve heard considerably less about what’s up and coming on the Xbox side. Participating studios enjoy free access to the Unity development platform, while Microsoft continues work on establishing a process for approving retail consoles in order to activate them remotely as certified developer kits.

There’s no word on exactly what content the highlighted devs are working on or when those efforts will bear fruit on the Xbox One, but it’s an early look the variety of talent that Microsoft has successfully sold on its ID@Xbox program. The list below includes the 32 named developers, along with a few of the games they have already released: 

  • Inis (LipsGitaroo Man)
  • Comcept (Soul SacrificeYaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z)
  • Vlambeer (Ridiculous FishingLuftrausers)
  • Double Eleven (PS Vita ports of LittleBigPlanet and Limbo)
  • Slightly Mad Studios (Need for Speed: ShiftShift 2: Unleashed)
  • Born Ready (Strike Suit Zero)
  • Crytek (Ryse: Son of Rome, Crysis)
  • Happion Labs (Sixty Second Shooter)
  • Definition 6 (Spy Party creator Chris Hecker’s studio)
  • Team17 (WormsAlien Breed
  • Panic Button (Hulk Hogan’s Main Event)
  • Double Fine (Psychonauts DUH!)
  • Drinkbox Studios (Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs AttackGuacamelee)
  • Team Colorblind (Jetpack BrontosaurusAztez)
  • Signal Studios (Toy SoldiersToy Soldiers: Cold War)
  • Zen Studios (Zen Pinball games, CastleStorm)
  • Bongfish (Stoked series)
  • Half-Brick (Jetpack JoyrideMonster Dash)
  • NinjaBee (A Kingdom for Kelflings)
  • Zeboyd Games (Cthulhu Saves the World)
  • Nicalis (Cave StoryVVVVVV)
  • The Men Who Wear Many Hats (Organ Trail)
  • Iron Galaxy Studios (DivekickMs. Splosion Man)
  • Jackbox Games (You Don’t Know Jack series)
  • High Voltage Software (Conduit games, Captain America: Super Soldier)
  • Capy (Super TIME ForceBelow)
  • Behaviour Interactive (Naughty Bear games)
  • Hidden Path Entertainment (Defense Grid games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  • Gaijin Games (Bit.Trip games)
  • The Odd Gentlemen (Wayward Manor, a collaboration with Neil Gaiman)
  • WayForward Technologies (DuckTales: RemasteredSilent Hill: Book of Memories)
  • Other Ocean Interactive (South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge)

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