Xbox One Media Remote revealed, out in early March

xbox one media remote revealed early march

Rumors of a remote control for your Xbox One are true: the Xbox One Media Remote is set to hit stores in early March, Microsoft confirms. The $24.99 peripheral appears to be quite a bit smaller and less button-packed than its Xbox 360 predecessor. It’s also unquestionably more convenient for effectively browsing through and consuming non-gaming media on the console than the Xbox One controller is.

The remote can be used to control video playback in the console’s Blu-ray player and in supported streaming video apps. Specific apps aren’t named, but it’s reasonable to count on at least the big ones like Netflix, Hulu, and Fox Now are compatible. There are also dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons, which cater to more console-specific controls.

In addition to video playback, you’ll be able to use the remote to control a connected TV’s power and volume. Kinect is required for this feature; your commands beam from the remote to the motion-sensing camera, which then broadcasts the input to your TV (or receiver) using its built-in IR blaster.

The Xbox One Media Remote fills a gap that’s been empty since the console’s November 2013 launch. Now, about those wireless headsets…