Xbox One outsells PlayStation 4 on Black Friday despite bigger interest in PS4

xbox one outsells playstation 4 black friday wii u trails far behind controllers
This holiday season isn’t marked by a heated console war, but if you’re looking for a fight, here’s something to sate your appetite: The Microsoft Xbox One outsold the Sony PlayStation 4 on Black Friday for the second year in a row. The Nintendo Wii U continues to trail by a large margin.

The Xbox One captured 53 percent of gaming console sales on Black Friday, according to shopper insights company InfoScout. The PS4 was second with 31 percent of Black Friday console sales, while the Xbox 360 was third with 9 percent. The Nintendo Wii U was fourth with 6 percent of sales, while the PS3 was fifth with 1 percent of Black Friday gaming console sales.

InfoScout asked parents who bought a gaming console on Black Friday if they purchased one for their children. For parents who bought a Wii U, 92 percent said yes. The response was 66 percent for parents who purchased an Xbox One and 45 percent for those who bought a PS4.

A recent Nielsen Games study found that 37 percent of kids ages 6-12 in the U.S. want a PS4, while 37 percent want an Xbox One and 33 percent want a Wii U.

When it comes to teenagers, 36 percent want a PS4, 35 percent want an Xbox One and 17 percent want a Wii U. Meanwhile, 21 percent of adults want a PS4, 16 percent want an Xbox One and 12 percent want a Wii U.

The Nielsen study also found that 42 percent of adults express a very strong interest in owning at least one video game platform in the next six months.

Back in July, Xbox UK marketing chief Harvey Eagle said there was a “momentum shift” in the battle against the PS4, thanks in part to Titanfall.

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