Tonight’s Xbox One update finally gets your headset working

Xbox One April update

Friend notifications and a fixed headset adapter are the two marquee changes in Microsoft’s latest Xbox One system update, which rolls out tonight. There are other changes and fixes as well, but these are the big ones. Friend notifications, the pop-up notices that tell Xbox 360 users when a friend jumps online, will be introduced to the Xbox One following fan feedback. Headset fixes have been an ongoing issue since non-pack-in headsets started coming out for the Xbox One; this update should eliminate audio dropouts and other issues that users have been experiencing.

Other changes include improvements to Kinect’s gesture and voice recognition capabilities, support for 50 Hz content in the console’s Blu-ray Player app, increased video quality for the GameDVR, and improvements to the way game saves and app updates are visualized at the dashboard.

For those that keep their console in low-power mode to allow for silent updates when the console isn’t in use, this is the last time you’ll have to manually apply a system update. Following the update, an Xbox One set to “Instant On” mode will automatically switch on to receive and apply a system update, then switch off again.

There’s no specific timetable for the rollout; Major Nelson’s post on the matter simply states that it’s happening “tonight.” Check out the links below for related coverage.

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