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FCC approves Xbox One X for sale, pre-orders should begin soon

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Microsoft finally revealed the Xbox One X to the world at its E3 press conference last month, but the company didn’t actually make the upgraded console available for pre-order at that time. The system had not yet been approved by the Federal Communications Commission and thus couldn’t be legally ordered, but that process appears to be complete, and the Xbox One X will go on sale soon.

Answering a fan question on Twitter, head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed that “all approvals are done” and Microsoft is now mapping out how it wants to announce pre-order information. Spencer added that it “won’t be too much longer,” though he didn’t elaborate on exactly what that meant. He did, however, say that he expects the console to be bundled with 4K televisions for those looking to make the upgrade.

The FCC’s approval must have happened relatively recently, as the official Xbox One X website still lists the console as “not for sale.”

For those who don’t currently own a 4K television, the Xbox One S is probably your best option, but for those who do have a 4K television, particularly with high-dynamic range, Microsoft is promising that the Xbox One X will deliver the best console gaming experience in the world. Many games will support native 4K resolution as well as 60 frames-per-second gameplay, while a selection of older games will receive a 4K update. Forza Motorsport 7 should be the perfect game to test out the console’s horsepower this holiday season, and long-awaited sequel Crackdown 3 will launch the same day as the Xbox One X. It’s also the smallest Xbox ever made, with an internal power supply and a special vapor chamber to keep the console running cool.

If you’re worried about securing an Xbox One X on launch day, you really shouldn’t be. Spencer admitted that most Xbox players will still purchase the cheaper Xbox One S, instead, and that the new console is designed for more dedicated users. Its $500 price tag is also pretty steep, particularly for those who also have to purchase a new television.

The Xbox One X will be available on November 7.

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