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If you’re feeling sinister: Play as the Black Hand of Sauron in free Shadow of Mordor DLC

youre feeling sinister play black hand sauron free shadow mordor dlc of
Warner Brothers and Monolith have released the free “Power of Shadow” downloadable content expansion for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on Xbox One, and it will arrive soon on PlayStation 4 and Steam. The expansion lets you re-skin Talion as the game’s antagonist, the Black Hand of Sauron. It also adds new, epic runes of power to enhance your arsenal of skills for taking down your nemeses.

The epic runes of power added in Power of Shadow include “One with Nature,” which gives you immunity to poison attacks from Uruk captains and Ghuls. There is also “Ascendant,” doubling the focus time for slow-motion ranged attacks. “Elven Grace” supplements your defenses by halving damage from enemy strikes.

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The Black Hand of Sauron is a high-ranking commander in the dark lord’s forces and is personally responsible for murdering Talion’s family at the beginning of the game, setting its events in motion. This DLC will let you decide that if you can’t beat them, join them, or–in this case–become them. It does not seem that donning the Black Hand’s appearance will have any gameplay impact beyond the aesthetic, but in a game that is generally quite flexible already this is another welcome opportunity to play it just the way you want to.

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With Bungie purchase, Sony is playing on Microsoft’s level
Destiny 2 character in gold armor holds and gun while looking toward the camera.

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced its intended $3.6 billion acquisition of Destiny developer Bungie on January 31. Less than two weeks after Microsoft's bombshell announcement of its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard, Sony responded by showing that it's willing to compete when it comes to spending lots of money to acquire popular developers. On top of that, Sony seemingly plans to keep Bungie a multiplatform studio.
While Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told that "these conversations have been a number of months in gestation, and certainly predate the activity that we have seen this year," it still demonstrates a significant change in Sony's gaming mentality in light of Microsoft's acquisitions of Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. 
For years, Sony focused on maintaining a refined and exclusive ecosystem of games and studios, but Microsoft's flurry of acquisitions over the past couple of years pushed Sony out of that comfort zone. After several smaller purchases, Sony has finally indicated that it's ready and willing to play on Microsoft's level and will do whatever it takes to stay on top in the gaming industry. 

Taking a king
Sony's Bungie acquisition is just as symbolic as it is sensible from a competitive standpoint. Bungie used to be owned by Microsoft and created its biggest franchise, Halo. It split off to gain independence in 2007 and stayed that way for some time despite close partnerships with Activision and Google.
While it currently seems like Bungie will remain an independent and multiplatform studio, this is still a show of force by Sony. This acquisition means Microsoft can never truly get the developer who made Halo back and gives Sony a presence on Xbox platforms that extends beyond MLB The Show.
And as Ampere Analysis analyst Piers Harding-Rolls pointed out on Twitter, it also prepares Sony for potentially losing Call of Duty by giving it a first-party shooter game that's consistently updated as a live service. Of course, this isn't as direct of a response to the Activision Blizzard acquisition as it may initially seem, as this deal was in the works well before  Microsoft's January 18 announcement.
The Bethesda acquisition is likely the deal that spurred Sony to acquire Bungie. Still, the Activision Blizzard deal affirmed why Sony had to make that move in the first place. Currently, the video game industry is on an acquisition spree from the top-down. Microsoft is one of the studio's leading the charge with the biggest and boldest deals.
While Sony may not have as much money to throw around, it still made plenty of smaller acquisitions, like Bluepoint, before the Bungie deal. Sony knows it needs to acquire studios and grow to stay competitive, and this is its first move to indicate that its willing to spend billions. The Bungie deal sends a clear message to Microsoft that Sony is still relevant and a force to be reckoned with. 
What's mine is yours
That's not the only message Sony is sending either. It's also playing platform-exclusivity mind games. One of the most nebulous topics of debate with Microsoft's Bethesda and Activision announcements is whether or not the games from acquired studios would be exclusive to Xbox. Microsoft's current approach is to honor existing deals and keep multiplayer titles supported across platforms, but make brand new games like Starfield and Redfall into Xbox console exclusives that will also come to PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. With Bungie, Sony seems to not be worried about exclusivity for once. 
In the past, Sony has always wanted to keep its first-party games on PlayStation for as long as possible. Only recently has it chosen to port games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and God of War to PC and been forced to put MLB The Show on competing platforms. But from the get-go, Sony's messaging is that it's OK with Bungie staying creatively independent and multiplatform.

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Everything we know about the Wonder Woman video game
Diana from the upcoming Wonder Woman video game.

For decades, Superman and Batman have dominated the DC video game universe. Meanwhile, Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, waited on the sidelines. Thankfully, that changes soon. Warner Bros. and Monolith Productions (a subsidiary of WB) announced the upcoming Wonder Woman video game at the 2021 Game Awards. While we only have a teaser trailer to go off, Monolith's past offers us plenty of insight into Wonder Woman's future. Here's everything we know about the upcoming Wonder Woman game, which we'll refer to here on out as Wonder Woman.

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Back 4 Blood gets offline solo play and new cards next month
The Breaker towers over common zombies in Back 4 Blood.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment just released a Back 4 Blood road map of updates slated for later this year and into the next. The publisher tweeted out these end-of-year plans for the zombie multiplayer, with small details on soon-to-come features and content.

This month's updates mostly include quality-of-life improvements and major bug fixes. December introduces fresh features like supply lines, a Ridden Practice area, and a solo offline mode with campaign progression. This winter update also incorporates new card types and cards into the game's card system, which should mix up the meta as it is now.

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