ZombiU releases plenty of gameplay footage at Comic-Con

zombiu releases plenty of gameplay footage at comic conOf all the Wii U titles that were announced at E3, the one that had the most people talking was Ubisoft’s ZombiU. The game, which will be a launch title for Nintendo’s new system, used the hardware better than most, and it offered gamers something to appeal to the mature crowd, an area Nintendo has always had a problems reaching.

The game uses the Wii U’s gamepad in several ways. You will need to use it as a map and a scanning device to find items, which are incredibly scarce. You will also need to use it as a standard controller as you fight your way through the decaying streets of London, and it also doubles as a scope. For more about the game, check out our E3 impressions of it.

Ubisoft’s first trailer for ZombiU was a cinematic offering that set the stage but didn’t really show off the in-game footage or the graphics. Ubisoft has now rectified that by releasing not one, but two gameplay trailers. Check them out and look for ZombiU as a launch title when the Wii U is released.

[Warning: The following trailers may not be suitable for all ages]

Nursery Gameplay Footage

Buckingham Gameplay Footage