Gifts For Grads

Graduating is a milestone in any career—whether professional or otherwise. That said, why not celebrate your grad’s latest achievement with a new-fangled drone, some fresh ‘buds, or a piece of tech fit for the great outdoors? Below are a few suggestions.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft didn’t invent the 2-in-1 PC, but it did refine it with the Surface Pro 4. The Type Cover and pixel-rich display are triumphs, and with the right hardware configuration, it has enough power to surpass nearly every notebook in its class.
BioLite CampStove
BioLite CampStove remains one of the most eco-friendly stoves around. It swaps traditional fuel canisters for kindling and lets you charge your phone, flashlight, and others gizmos while you cook that perfect backcountry delight. S’more, anyone?
UrbanEars Hella
Music might be a necessity when running, but haphazardly cramming a pair of ‘buds into your ear canals isn’t. The Hellas pack touch-sensitive controls and Bluetooth into a welcome on-ear design that spews admirable sound without the weight.
DJI Phantom 4
Don’t let the FFA ground your grad’s aspirations. DJI’s newest quadcopter utilizes the latest-and-greatest drone advancements, including automatic collision prevention, to make capturing 4k footage a breeze — even with pesky headwinds.
Blue Apron Plan
People swear by Blue Apron. The no-frills service delivers recipes and perfectly-portioned ingredients directly to your door, allowing for easy, fresh, and convenient meals that also cut back on unwanted food waste. Tap Ramen not included.
Octovo Backpack
Sure, your tattered JanSport may have served you well in the past, but Octovo’s roll top backpack offers more room, a water-resistant build, and a padded sleeve for stowing a 15-inch laptop. The Italian leather accents add a touch of class, too.
Amazon Tap
The Tap packs all the voice-controlled punch of the Amazon Echo, only within a pint-sized package tailored for travel. The speaker dishes out music and weather reports on command, along with answers to all your borderline frivolous questions.
Withings Aura Smart Sleep System
Catching up on post-exam z's couldn’t be easier with Withings’ all-in-one system. It tracks metrics such as your heart rate and slowly awakens you at the best time during your sleep cycle with a host of jams that even D'Angelo would be proud of.
Huawei Watch
Most smartwatches aren’t any more enticing than Cassio’s ill-fated CA53W. The Huawei Watch is, though, and touts a sharp display and stylish design that’s second only to its innate compatibility with both Android and iOS operating systems.
Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB Turntable
Vinyl sales are rising quicker than student debt — and Audio Technica’s record player is made for the newfound hobbyist. The chrome turntable sports three speeds and even lets you convert your wax to digital form. Eat your heart out, Spotify.
HTC Vive
VR is finally here for those possessing a high-end PC. The Vive represents the best experience around, complete with intuitive controls and an impressive level of immersion that will have you second guessing the ground at your feet.
Vizio 43” 4k Ultra HD Smart TV
This 43-inch beaut might be the proverbial nail in the coffin when it comes to 1080p. The mid-level flat screen boasts ample apps, a quick interface, and solid 4k resolution that’s as apt for Breaking Bad as the latest iteration of Mad Max.