Gifts for everyone on your list! The Holidays are a time for giving, and the greatest gift of all is successfully crossing every name off your list. It sounds too good to be true, but what if we told you this is the year you’ll make everyone happy? We’ve assembled a collection of the greatest tech, from our newest favorites to unique and remarkable gadgets, tailored for every type of friend or family member on your list. You’ll no longer have to stress over finding the perfect present for that person who’s notoriously hard to shop for (we’ve all got at least one). Instead, enjoy the feeling of knowing that this year, your gifts won’t need a receipt.

The Artist

For the creative soul, the pressure is on to find the “perfect” present. A gift card simply won’t do for the friend who gives you a stunning handmade artisanal _____ year after year. Fear not. We have the boost of inspiration you’ll need to wow the most talented person on your list.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet

A pen and paper are nice, but tablets are the tool of choice for tech-inclined artists. Wacom’s Cintiq 13HD is a sleek, powerful tablet with a gorgeous display and sensitive stylus, perfect for a 21st century artist.

Ferrofluid kit

For the sculptor who finds clay and marble old fashioned, ferrofluid offers a whole new experience. It’s an oil full of suspended iron particles, and you can use magnets to move the fluid, creating writhing, transient sculptures.

Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW

A graphic designer needs a proper monitor to work on, and Dell’s Ultrasharp is a massive canvas. The 38-inch monitor offers vibrant color and superb gamma value. It’s a great tool for graphic designers on a budget.

Foldio portable lighting studio

Lighting is crucial for photographers, and the Foldio lightbox ensures you’ll have the right light wherever you go. The box folds flat for carrying and quickly pops open when it's time to shoot. Dimmable LED strips make adjusting the light easy.

Moleskine Smart Writing set

For artists that aren't quite ready for a tablet, the Moleskine Smart Writing Set offers that classic feeling with digital touches. The pages work with the smartpen to transmit your sketches to an app, so your work is easy to share or archive.

FormLabs Form 2 3D printer

This behemoth of a 3D printer sports a number of features -- including Wi-Fi, a touchscreen, and resin cartridges -- that make using it painless. Even the software is intuitive, so your creations will print without errors.

Sony A7R MkIII camera

One of Sony’s latest pro cameras, the A7R MkIII is a beast any photographer would be happy to tame. Its 42.4-megapixel sensor captures every detail, and rapid-fire burst shooting coupled with long battery life ensure you'll never miss a shot.

Pantone Capsure color matcher

Have you ever been walking in a meadow and seen a color that took your breath away? With the Pantone color matcher, you can record and identify it, finding a match in Pantone’s comprehensive library of hues.

Garmin Virb 360 camera

For shooting immersive 360 video, Garmin’s Virb 360 is peerless. A tough casing houses the dual-lens camera, and it can survive up to 32 feet of water. Excellent image stabilization keeps your video smooth even on wild adventures.

Fitness Buff

Rise and shine before the sun comes up; hit the gym; repeat. For the fitness lover, working out isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle – even if it means running their morning routine in the freezing rain or sub-zero temperatures. This year, make them throw away those ragged old trainers and replace them with tech that will get their heart rate going before they even head out the door.

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial to any fitness regimen, and the Hidrate Spark 2.0 is our pick for best smart water bottle. The unit connects to your smartphone, tracking your daily water intake and even illuminates to remind you to sip up.

Nike Pro HyperWarm Tights

Virtually all fitness routines could benefit from a layer of compression gear. Nike Pro HyperWarm Men's Training Tights hug your legs to increase blood flow, and potentially minimize the build up of lactic acid for faster recovery times.

Fitbit Ionic

More than just a fitness tracker, the Fitbit Ionic is a full-fledged smartwatch that can make payments, play music, and more. With room for 300 songs aboard, this model is sure to outlast even your most grueling workouts.

Linka LEO

Instead of manually locking and unlocking your bike on quick pitstops, the Linka LEO connects to your smartphone and automatically locks as you walk away from your rig. There's also a manual lock keypad for those so inclined.

GoPro Hero5 Black

If you hit that jump or barely dodged that tree, and no one is around to see it, did it happen? No. Fortunately, the GoPro Hero5 Black allows you to document all of your adventures and aptly inundate your friends and family.

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

Urban commuters need more than just crash protection, they need visibility. With 48 LEDs, the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet is sure to catch a driver's eye, and it even has turn signals built in.

Men’s Torin IQ

Loaded with sensors and accelerometers, the Altra Torin IQ smart shoe pairs with your phone and delivers real-time advice -- like fixing hitches in your stride -- to help you improve your run.

Trekz Titanium

When exercising on busy roadways, you can't afford to tune out entirely. Bone-conduction headphones like the Trekz Titanium allow you to safely take in your favorite songs and passing cars at the same time.


How do I ride there? The SmartHalo will tell you. The bike-friendly navigator uses directional LEDs to guide you toward your destination, while recording metrics such as distance, speed, calories burned, and more.

The Chef

What do you get the friend or family member who flawlessly executes an Instagram-worthy Thanksgiving every year? Kitchen gadgets to make their lives easier. The right tech can help your favorite foodie execute dishes that look so beautiful you’ll feel guilty about eating them, until you find they taste even better than they look.

Tasty One Top

The Tasty One Top -- actually a Buzzfeed product -- is a smart induction cooktop built for nearly any form of cooking you can imagine, from sous vide to deep frying. With precision temperature control and a recipe-loaded app, you can't go wrong.

Consumer Physics SCiO

Yes, this is real. The SCiO can scan foods and analyze their chemical content, letting you know the cocoa content of your chocolate or even whether the strawberries you've chosen will be sufficiently sweet. This is the future of food.

Click & Grow Herb Garden

Not everyone can afford a house with a yard, but most can afford the Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden, which has a built-in grow light and automatically infuses soil with the correct nutrients. Grow anything you want, even in the dead of winter!


It's all too easy to throw something in the back of the fridge and then forget when you bought or opened it. The FOODsniffer will analyze foods to tell you whether they're safe for consumption -- or belong in the trash.

Crock-Pot Wi-Fi Slow Cooker

Cooking for a big group, but can't get work off? Just get yourself a stew going remotely, with Crock-Pot's Wi-Fi slow cooker. You can control temperature and cook time from anywhere, ensuring that your pot roast is done to perfection.

Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi

Anova's Wi-Fi-enabled sous vide is perfect for those who can't always dedicate their attention to the stove. Clamp it on to your pot, pick a recipe from the app (from more than 1,000), set your temperature, and let the gizmo do its magic.

Chef's Choice Electric Egg Cooker

Need to make a cobb salad or some deviled eggs, but you're busy preparing an entree? The Chef'sChoice Electric Egg Cooker takes the legwork (and the stove real estate) out of boiling eggs, with seven slots and an automatic lift-out tray.

Taylor Precision Measuring Cup

No more eyeballing! The Taylor Precision Digital Measuring Cup measures solids and liquids alike with extreme precision, automatically converting weight to volume (and vice versa) with an LED screen built right into the handle.

NutriBullet Balance

Choose a recipe from the NutriBullet Balance mobile app, and the blender will weigh the ingredients as you add them, show nutrition information for your smoothie, and even optimize the speed and duration of the blend.

Pet Parent

Holidays aren’t only for humans. Your favorite puppy or kitten deserves a gift as good as they’ve been all year. Here comes Santa Paws with presents that your pets can chew, squeak, or snuggle – or tech that makes your adventures together even more rewarding.

Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum

Don't give up on your carpet! Pet hair can be a drag, but with Hoover's WindTunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum, you can reclaim the rugs. Fur-focused attachments and an automatic rewind feature to make cleaning simple, and more effective.

Dyson Groom

Why spend close to $100 at a professional groomer when you can do it yourself without breaking the bank? Dyson's vacuum-assisted Groom tool is a cinch to use, and you can just use it as a brush if your pup is scared of the vacuum.

Poof Bean Pet Tracker

The Poof Bean is a multi-purpose pet tracker that keeps tabs on calories burned, sleep, and activity, 24/7. You can even compare your pet's statistics against a database of other Poof-wearers.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

iFetch will keep your pooch occupied until the sun burns out, auto-launching mini tennis balls they'll go wild for. Pro-tip: Buy some extra-small Kong tennis balls, as they'll last longer than the included balls.

Petzi Treat Cam

If you just can't bear to tear yourself away from your furry companion for long, Petzi's Treat Cam allows you to check in on your pet remotely (you can speak through the camera too), snap photos, and even dole out treats if they're being good.

PetTunes Bluetooth Speaker

For rescue animals, separation anxiety is a real problem, leading pets to trash the house or cry non-stop while Mom and Dad are away. The PetTunes Bluetooth Speaker plays ambient noise designed to soothe animals, even in stormy weather.

Pooch Selfie

Why photograph your dog when she can do it herself? Pooch Selfie can help anyone take incredible pics of (or with) their canine companion. The squeaker ball mount ensures that any dog will look at the viewfinder with zeal.

Shru Cat Companion

Imagine one of those Silly Putty eggs, except there's no Silly Putty inside, and it has a feather on one end, and it rolls around like a little mouse with no legs. Uh ... that's what Shru is, and cats freakin' love it.

Litter-Robot III

So, you probably weren't planning on spending $450 for a litterbox (even as a gift). But this bad boy automatically self-cleans after every use, reduces odor, and it even looks like a little kitty spaceship (well, a spaceship filled with poo).

Music Lover

In the digital age, it’s harder than ever to impress the music aficionado in your life. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect gifts for your favorite audiophile so they can enjoy their collection in better quality than ever. Make their music hobby (or borderline obsession) into a new experience. With these gadgets, they’ll be drumming, tapping, and humming along in no time.

V-Moda Forza

In-ear headphones are compact and seal out the world, but they can also be uncomfortable after hours on end. Not these. V-Moda’s Forza offer outstanding sound quality and unsurpassed fit for a price you can’t argue with.

Schiit DAC + Headphone Amp

With audio, every link in the equipment chain matters. Schiit's popular Modi digital-to-analog converter gives you pristine sound at the source, and the Modi headphone amp will push the music to greater heights.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120 Record Player

The AT-LP120 is a utilitarian beast, with a built-in preamp so you can feed it directly into any receiver, three selectable speeds to play anything in your collection, and USB output so you can even copy your records to a computer.

KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

These bookshelf speakers can turn any room into a concert hall, with colossal bass that doesn't overwhelm the warm midrange or angelic treble. You'll hear even the smallest details of tracks.

Audiofly AF180 In-Ear Monitors

For the audiophile on the go, Audiofly's in-ear monitors produce clear sounds, with detailed highs and smooth lows. The earphones themselves are small and sleek, so they're never inconvenient.

Fiio X5 3rd Gen High-Res Music Player

If you prefer lossless audio, most phones and MP3 players won't suffice. Fiio's X5 supports lossless formats like FLAC, and captures all the details and textures of songs.

DropMix Music Game

Perfect for parties, DropMix lets players place song cards that instantly add to a real-time, freewheeling DJ mashup. With a decent mix of songs old and new, DropMix should be a hit at any gathering.

Fret Zealot

Learning guitar can be tough, but Fret Zealot aims to make it easy. The system includes an LED strip that fits along the guitar neck, and an app. Choose a song to learn, and the LEDs will light up to show you which notes to play and when.

Audio-Technica AT4033 Mic

Can’t afford studio time? With the AT4033, you can record quality sound at home. The mic has quick transient response and low-noise circuitry, so your recordings will come through clear.

Young at Heart

Whether you’re shopping for youngsters or just the young at heart, indulge them in a sense of wonder you remember from your own childhood. And since kids these days are digital natives, you’d better bring them tech to impress. These interactive techie picks will get them smiling and laughing without turning them into screen zombies.

Star Wars Jedi Challenges

There's no better way to immerse yourself in a galaxy far, far away than with Lenovo's augmented-reality system. Take up a lightsaber against Kylo Ren, blast Stormtroopers, and get your Dejarik on -- all within the comfort of your living room.

Tesla Model S for Kids

Radio Flyer's Tesla Model S may not be able to go 220 miles on single charge, but it does come equipped with working headlights, custom rims, and a pint-sized sound system for blasting the Frozen soundtrack. Elon Musk would be proud.

Anki Cosmo

Robots are no longer the stuff of nightmares. Case in point? Cosmo, a codable robot with facial recognition and ample personality. Anki's miniature must-have can even stack blocks and roam your home with an adorable smile and dimples in tow.

Sphero Mini

Bigger isn't always better -- just ask Sphero. The company's small-scale take on its iconic, rolling robot packs plenty of tech into a device no bigger than a ping-pong ball, one you can control using your phone or a range of facial expressions.

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

Everyone loves a good throwback. The OneStep 2, Polaroid's first instant camera in more than a decade, blends retro aesthetics with a touch of modern, resulting in prints that are both fun and functional.

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

VR can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. When used alongside your smartphone, View-Master's kid-friendly headset lets your child explore the Smithsonian, Gotham, and a slew of 360-degree environments without breaking in the bank.

Parrot Mambo Mission

What's better than a miniature drone? A drone outfitted with a cannon. Parrot's latest remote-controlled device can pick up small objects, perform barrel rolls, and dish out projectiles like nobody's business. So much for your peace and quiet.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Accidents happen, which is why the bumpers on Amazon's tot-tailored tablet are a such welcome touch. Plus, with powerful parental controls and Amazon's deep well of content, you can ensure the trip to grandma's house goes off without a hitch.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Few toys are as versatile as Legos, especially when you add coding to the mix. The company's recent kit provides you with everything you need to assemble a guitar, a cat, and countless other creations. Architectural prowess not included.