Gifts for everyone on your list! The Holidays are a time for giving, and the greatest gift of all is successfully crossing every name off your list. It sounds too good to be true, but what if we told you this is the year you’ll make everyone happy? We’ve assembled a collection of the greatest tech, from our newest favorites to unique and remarkable gadgets, tailored for every type of friend or family member on your list. You’ll no longer have to stress over finding the perfect present for that person who’s notoriously hard to shop for (we’ve all got at least one). Instead, enjoy the feeling of knowing that this year, your gifts won’t need a receipt.

The Artist

For the creative soul, the pressure is on to find the “perfect” present. A gift card simply won’t do for the friend who gives you a stunning handmade artisanal _____ year after year. Fear not. We have the boost of inspiration you’ll need to wow the most talented person on your list.

Fitness Buff

Rise and shine before the sun comes up; hit the gym; repeat. For the fitness lover, working out isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle – even if it means running their morning routine in the freezing rain or sub-zero temperatures. This year, make them throw away those ragged old trainers and replace them with tech that will get their heart rate going before they even head out the door.

The Chef

What do you get the friend or family member who flawlessly executes an Instagram-worthy Thanksgiving every year? Kitchen gadgets to make their lives easier. The right tech can help your favorite foodie execute dishes that look so beautiful you’ll feel guilty about eating them, until you find they taste even better than they look.

Pet Parent

Holidays aren’t only for humans. Your favorite puppy or kitten deserves a gift as good as they’ve been all year. Here comes Santa Paws with presents that your pets can chew, squeak, or snuggle – or tech that makes your adventures together even more rewarding.

Music Lover

In the digital age, it’s harder than ever to impress the music aficionado in your life. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect gifts for your favorite audiophile so they can enjoy their collection in better quality than ever. Make their music hobby (or borderline obsession) into a new experience. With these gadgets, they’ll be drumming, tapping, and humming along in no time.

Young at Heart

Whether you’re shopping for youngsters or just the young at heart, indulge them in a sense of wonder you remember from your own childhood. And since kids these days are digital natives, you’d better bring them tech to impress. These interactive techie picks will get them smiling and laughing without turning them into screen zombies.