Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Happy Holidays

The holidays are approaching, and if you’ve got friends from all walks of life, shopping for gifts can be like wandering in a strange land. You may have a friend who obsessively collects vinyl records, a parent who spends every afternoon woodworking, or a spouse who delicately prepares every meal like it’s the Sistine Chapel. How do you possibly satisfy everyone on your shopping list? We’ve traveled the world of tech, searching high and low for the best gift ideas — and charting a map to holiday success.


The audiophile is neither an easy person to shop for, nor a cheap one. For the person who maintains their entire music library in FLAC, who arranges their speakers so the tweeters line up within a millimeter of their ears, only the best will impress. These gifts will turn every room into a studio.


Cooking is both art and science, and for the gourmet who always knows the right wine to pair with a porterhouse, or how to sous vide in a bathtub, you’ll need to buy the finest tools. Whether they crave a perfectly balanced cup of coffee or a brined turkey, these are the gadgets they’ll love.


Life is a journey, and we all have that one friend who takes that idea to the extreme. The millennial Marco Polo, always wandering, striving for that perfect Machu Picchu selfie. Armed with all the tech you can fit in a backpack, they just might find what they’re looking for.

Parents & Grandparents

Who says kids should have all the fun? Your parents or grandparents may have settled down, but they don’t need to settle for an old-fashioned lifestyle. Give them glowing screens and handy gadgets to transform their home into a high-tech palace, as cool as it is comfortable.


Even in the digital age, many of us have that friend or family member who prefers to do things the analog way. Toolbelt sagging on their waist, a blueprint in their mind, the world is their workshop, and these are the gadgets they’ll need to build their dreams.



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