The Finer Things: Luxury Gift Guide

Living on the cutting edge isn’t cheap. The groundbreaking gadgets, finely machined tools, handcrafted goods, and iconic designs are valued for a reason: quality, reliability, and innovation unlock experiences that lesser items can’t match. Tastemakers cherish flavor, so here are twelve tried-and-tested goods to help you appreciate the finer things of life.

Samsung Galaxy S8

With its curved, edge-to-edge, AMOLED display, the S8 revives excitement in an industry that’s plateaued in recent years. The S8 also runs a personal assistant, Bixby, who can even assist you in the real world through its 12 MP camera.

Loro Piana Scarf

Everybody knows cashmere is luxurious—only true wool connoisseurs know about vicuña. These South American camelids related to llamas grow wool in small amounts and can only be shorn once every few years. This vicuña scarf is proof luxe is rare.

Frank Lloyd House

Homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, pioneer of American design, rarely enter the market. What makes Tirranna house in New Canaan, CT, even better is that it’s only miles from other mid-century masterpieces, like Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

Acne Studios Puffer Jacket

When Swedish designer Jonny Johansson founded Acne Studios, the minimalist-chic brand, he was influenced by Andy Warhol’s Factory. This Pop aesthetic shows in this oversized puffer jacket, which anchors its bold color with sharp, clean lines.

Samsung Note8

Built for cruising comfort, the Note8 is outfitted with a second, telephoto lens—which gives photos an extended view—and an S Pen that allows for precise control of the screen.

Vintage Electric Bike

One of the hardest and most desirable restorations of vintage cars is an e-retro—outfitting am iconic body with a modern electric engine. Vintage Electric applies the same ethos to bikes, mounting electric engines on classically styled body.

Shinola Runwell Turntable

Detroit-based Shinola is often credited for revitalizing American-made craft goods. Expanding the design ethos of their watches, this rose gold turntable with a built-in preamp embodiese the rugged grace of American design.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

With a large display, powerful battery, and a similarly sleek design, the Galaxy S8+ is the S8's larger counterpart. The lens allows more light in, so even in low light, you’ll capture an amazing shot.

Dunhill Leather Briefcase

Dunhill is the epitome of an impeccably dressed British gent. This understated briefcase in calf leather is stately and versatile, complimenting any outfit with clean lines. It’s the perfect vessel for one of the brand’s finely engraved pens.

Mova Globe

All globes rotate; only Mova globes rotate while you hold them in-hand. These handmade orbs spin in replication of the Earth’s rotation, powered only by ambient light. Not since the Renaissance have globes been this enchanting.

Flyte Floating Air Plant

Air plants got their name because they don’t need roots—just air and water. This hovering planter, though, will let your air plants take flight. The maglev is beyond cool—the slowly rotating planter gives your plants 360-degrees of light.

Clive Coffee Espresso Machine

A good espresso machine should run like an Alfa Romeo—flashy, with a certain sprezzaturra. ECM, though German, captures that cool feeling with their latest collaboration with Clive Coffee, who instilled over $400 of upgrades into the Classika.