DT Giveaway: Fret Zealot and Les Paul Player Pack

It’s a new year and you’ve resolved to learn how to jam like Jimmy Page or Carlos Santana, but there is a hiccup. You don’t even know where to start. With the myriad of learning options, from online tutorials to music lessons from your local garage band aficionado, choosing the right path to become a rock legend can be just trying as learning itself.  But it doesn’t have to be.

The Fret Zealot is a revolutionary new super tool for learning guitar that combines the ease of online tutorials with the fun of your favorite video game from 2005 — Guitar Hero. The device installs on the neck of a guitar (it’s easier than you may think) and uses LED lighting to guide finger positioning for any chord progression or picking that one chord you want to learn. Just program the app with the material you want to learn, then start your jam session.

The best news for you is that we’re giving away a Fret Zealot and you won’t even have to install it. It comes preinstalled as part of the Les Paul Player pack, which includes a guitar and amp. It’s everything you’ll need to start your second career in rock ‘n’ roll.

In our full review of Fret Zealot, we walk you through every aspect of the product and app, and we must say we were impressed.

The Fret Zealot is an exciting 21st century guitar accessory that brings visual learning to developing shredders. All you have to do to start your journey to Journey, is enter the contest below.

Fret Zealot Giveaway

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