E3 Giveaway: Enter to win a new gaming PC, PlayStation 4, or $100 Steam gift card

The 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo is only a week away, and the internet is already blowing up with teasers, rumors, and speculation about what we’re going to see this year. From a slew of fresh Nintendo exclusives to a mysterious new Fallout title, gamers have a lot to look forward to in the days ahead.

This year’s E3 officially kicks off in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 12, and runs through Thursday, June 14, and we can expect a number of related events before and after the Expo. E3 is like Christmas for gamers, and to celebrate the festivities, Digital Trends is giving you a chance to win one of three awesome prizes before the main event. Read on to find out more about the prizes and how to enter the contest.

The first-place winner gets the awesome Falcon Northwest Tiki desktop computer. Purpose-built for gaming, this machine pairs modern processing power with a compact Micro Tower form factor that won’t hog a ton of space at your battle station. Its small size belies its beefy specs, however, and the latest Intel, AMD, and Nvidia hardware delivers more than enough juice for you to enjoy the newest games in all their glory.

The second-place prize is a brand-new PlayStation 4 console, which should need no introduction. Sony’s console is killing it and remains one of our favorites thanks to its great design and an excellent library of games that includes some stellar exclusives titles. (If you haven’t yet enjoyed the terror and addictive fun of Bloodborne, you’ve been missing out on one of the best experiences of this console generation.)

The third-place winner may not get a new gaming machine, but a $100 Steam gift card is still a very nice consolation prize. A single Benjamin can go a long, long way on Steam — as any PC gamer knows – and with Steam’s yearly Summer Sale coming up later this month, there’s no better time to stock up on games and fill out your library.

This contest runs until E3 kicks off on June 12, so be sure to enter now for your chance to win one of these awesome prizes:

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E3 Gaming Rig Giveaway

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