Giveaway: Fluance Turntable & Bookshelf Speakers For Record Store Day

Play your Record Store Day albums on a Fluance turntable and speakers ... on us

If sales are any indicator, vinyl appreciation is now reaching far beyond audiophiles and hipsters looking for that new, old sound. Record album sales hit 14.32 million in 2017, the most since Neilsen started tracking sales in 1991. For all the LP aficionados, April 21st is one of the best holidays of the year to add to the collection. It’s Record Store Day! We’ve got a shopping list of the top 10 albums to pick up but it wouldn’t do much good without a turntable and speakers to play them. We’ve partnered with Fluance to bring two lucky, aspiring collectors a Fluance RT81 Turntable and Fluance Signature Series bookshelf speakers.

We took both the turntable ($250) and speakers ($200) for a spin and for an entry-level priced record player, the sound and quality are much bigger than the price point. Music played on the record player was deep and smooth with excellent clarity. Not to mention the beautiful walnut finish on the solid audiophile-grade cabinet. There was low distortion, sparkling treble, and strong bass across the records we listened to, from Broadway to Drake. The built-in preamp on the RT81 will allow you to listen to your #RSD18 records right out of the box, plugging directly into the speakers with some RCA cables.

If you’re picking up vinyl for the first time or getting back into it, Fluance’s turntables are a good starting point and for two of you, we’ve got you covered. Just enter the giveaway below and we’ll be drawing the winners in two weeks.

Fluance Turntable & Speaker Giveaway

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